Residential Additions

Existing houses are extended, modified, or re-arranged in order to gain efficiency, realize potential, add value and generally make more livable.


BEECHWORTH ROAD HOUSE Open rural site, with moderate slope down to the Northeast. Local valley views are to the North and East. Two bays of the shed were relocated to a more appropriate location on site. A single storey living/dining/kitchen zone with northern orientation was added to the shed. The shed is retained to accommodate [...]
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WOOD STREET HOUSE, BRIGHT A flat block on the south side of main street of Bright, NE Victoria, with another street frontage on the north boundary. There is no potential for vehicle access from the main street frontage. The existing house was a solid brick 1890's house, with a sub-standard addition on the South side. [...]
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CARRINGTON STREET HOUSE, ALBURY A flat inner city double block. The existing house was a well-proportioned 1890's brick building, with a strange "Mediterranean" 1980's addition on the South side. The 1980's low ceiling addition had to go. It was replaced with a brick addition in sympathetic proportions, with a North facing courtyard separation from the [...]
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BENALLA HOUSE A flat inner town block, occupied by a rundown 1900's weatherboard house, with numerous shabby outbuildings. The decision to retain the old house was based on a sentimental attachment from the owners. It was close to derelict. The existing house was located close to the North boundary, so a North facing addition creating [...]
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Table Top House

Table Top House Open rural site, gently sloping to the Northeast, with distant views to the North and East, occupied by a 1970's low-ceiling, brown brick and concrete tile house, with a linked 1990's addition. In order to gain North orientation for passive solar layout, and views, the original house was removed, and we designed [...]
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