About us

Sunjoule Design provides a building design service, with a focus on passive solar, energy efficiency, sustainability and comfortable thermal performance. We prepare designs, and construction drawings for houses, renovations, commercial, and community buildings.

The design practice was commenced in 1980 by Ross Beaver, Sunjoule Design’s director. The first project was Ross’s own home, an active-solar house near Myrtleford, N.E. Victoria.

Following is our design process for a typical project…

  • establish clearly defined client goals.
  • create realistic scope of works and construction budget.
  • gather accurate site information, including sun orientation, levels, trees, views, adjacent structures, etc..
  • record detailed particulars of any existing buildings on site.
  • prepare initial concept design sketches, and subsequent design development.
  • arrange for construction cost estimates.
  • prepare Planning Permit (Victoria), or Development Approval (NSW) drawings.
  • develop internal and external room details, with finishes advice.
  • prepare construction drawings, in conjunction with specialist consultants.
  • call for construction tenders, evaluate and assist in builder selection.
  • provide construction supervision (optional).

One of the highest priorities on all our jobs is to maximize the thermal performance of the building, through careful use of orientation, ventilation, glazing, high-mass floor/wall materials and insulation.
We do not limit our design work to certain particular aesthetic styling. We believe that an enduring and successful design is the product of thorough attention to the following principles…

  • listen to the client.
  • provide thoughtful response to all aspects of the site and surrounding environment.
  • does the design satisfy the clients’ requirements?
  • adopt appropriate proportion and form of all building elements, whether they be heritage, contemporary or modern.
  • selection of correct structural system and finishing materials.
  • prepare thorough and consistent construction documents.